Katherine Heldt, Ph.D. Student. Kat did her Masters at Clemson University working with spiny lobsters. She realized the smaller the crustacean the cooler, so now she works with shallow water benthic communities and amphipods to understand the role of dispersal in source sink communities.


Anastasia Claudio, Honours Student. Anastasia is working on understanding whether sexually selected traits affect swimming ability in amphipods. Nothing like making amphipod videos with red light!

James Harrison, Honours Student. Jim has decided he really likes thermal biology. So much he spends hours playing with intertidal snails to understand population-level differences in thermal preferences.



Zack Darnell, Ph.D. Zack was the best postdoc in the old lab, loves blue crabs and most 10-legged animals. His interests float around behavior, physiology, and ecology of crustaceans and all things marine. Zack is now assistant professor at Nicholls State
Colt Cook MSc. Colt did an amazing job with his Masters’ work, focusing on isopod parasite behavior and morphology, cheek out his publications in the publication page! What he really likes is fishing and spending time with Bonnie and his boat.
Catalina Cuellar Ph.D. student. Catalina did her undergraduate thesis in 2008 with me in Yucatan, Mexico (see pubs) and then started her PhD in my old lab working on crab – bacteria associations. She will soon (!) finish under the supervision of Mathew Leibold.
Beatrice Alenius Masters student from Lund, Sweden. Beatrice conducted research on how changing environmental conditions affect crustaceans. Specifically, how an invasive isopod copes with new habitats, and how it will respond to future changes in oceanic pH.

Kristin Duszak MSc. Kristin joined the lab in January 2009 as research assistant working with fiddlers and amphipods. She departed for greener (and colder) pastures in the summer of 2010.



Stephanie Kronstadt, REU (FIU). Stephanie had a proliffic summer of 2010 collecting massive amounts of data on fiddler crab color change and thermoregulation. She is now considering graudate school.
Susan Linn, Undergraduate (UT Austin) Susan fiddled with isopod movement patterns and their associated mechanisms, particularly orientation. She brought copious amounts of energy to the research group during the summer of 2010.
Catherine Donaldson Undergraduate (UT Austin). Catherine has been questioning current approaches in the study of ocean acidification. However, her true heart lies with whales and dolphins.
Charlotte Heron REU (UT Austin). Charlotte is interested in community ecology and is carrying out a massive field experiment exploring different forms of heterogeneity. She will start an internship at the NERR in the fall of 2009. Rumors claim she plays guitar when not doing science.
Rebecca Pizano REU (Texas A&M CC). Becca is interested in crustacean behavior and has diligently explored the life and times of Pachygrapsus transversus (Pachys for short).
Louisa Torrance Undergraduate (UT Austin). Louisa received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship and then proceeded to juggle projects, following massive amphipod and isopod die offs, she has settled on investigating harem formation in a small subtidal isopod.
Nyssa Silbiger Graduate program, UHawaii – Chapel Hill (now in Hawaii). Nyssa was involved in the early stages of the fiddler crab color change project (see publications).
Coleman Mackie During the day he is a school teacher in Tallahassee, FL, at night he becomes a rock star with Catfish Alliance. Coleman worked with amphipod dispersal strategies (see publications).

Field assistants through the years

Franc Clapp, 2002
Emily Yambasky, 2003
Kim Young, 2003
Caitlin Scott, 2004
Christine Stokes, 2005
Amy Schweikart, 2005
Benjamin Errman, 2005
Cindy Laudrum, 2005
Michael Gelsomino, 2005
Chad Brown, 2005
Irene Giovenco, 2006






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